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Brandon Sidney is a Vibe-curator whose mission it is to create quality experiences for under represented communities. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he decided 3 years ago to move his talents to Seattle. After realizing that there weren’t many spaces catering to LGBTQ, POCs and the like minded, Brandon decided to take his own action. Using over 10 years of experience in the events industry, and the relationships he’s developed in the Seattle POC community, he created Vibes by B as a tool to offer more diverse entertainment to the Seattle area.

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Bottomless mimosas?? Now that’s a Vibe! Join us for a Southern Breakfast Buffet, a live DJ, and friends! Did we mention bottomless mimosas?

Who doesn’t enjoy a dinner party at a friend’s house?? That’s what this Vibe is all about! Home style cooking, curated music… and the best part? Good company!

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What’s a party without a Vibe?? Hmmm… we wouldn’t know! Each party Vibe is themed and curated to provide the Ultimate Party Experience.

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